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About Us


Our Story

 Once upon a time, two brothers with an adventurous soul go to explore the hidden treasures of Morocco. Attracted by the beauty of the south, they end
up by discovering the artisanal work of the fruit of argan and fig tree, as well as their famous cosmetic oils. Then, they visit several women's cooperatives, discover the manufacturing process, the virtues and start studies and tests for several months. They test their formulas with their entourage and the feedback was very positive.
The idea of ​​contributing to the development of the local economy and reach this wealth to the four corners of the world gives birth to a brand, MoroccanTree.

MoroccanTree is a luxury skincare brand that offers a blend of natural ingredients. We develop an ancestral traditional treatments naturally formulated with the purest and highest quality ingredients, such as organic argan and prickly pear seed oils. We have as commitment to not use chemical preservatives, parabens, and silicones in our products and we never test it on animals.
Guided by the desire to make accessible to all gifts of nature, we innovate products with a soft texture and divine perfumes adapted to all types of skin.
Our Main oils are produced by a cooperative of women that shares the profits. At MoroccanTree, we are engaged on a responsible and sustainable approach; we contribute to the social and fair trade to help the local women who mostly have never had the opportunity to do paid work. 
 A genuine desert treasure, this precious and "100% pure" oil is extracted from argan tree fruits found only in the Moroccan southwestern desert regions. Moroccan women have known about the cosmetics properties of this oil for thousands of years, they use it in their beauty routine to protect and nourish their skin and hair. Thanks to its richness in essential fatty acids and tocopherols (vitamin e). It has superior moisturizing and anti-wrinkle properties, argan oil fights skin’s natural ageing and restores skin’s radiance by improving the hydration of the epidermis’ upper layers. Not greasy. If you want to simplify your beauty routine, argan oil can become your beauty elixir from head-to-toe.



Prickly pear seed oil is obtained from the seeds of the fruit of the prickly pear. This cactus, initially originating from Africa, is developing especially in the south of Morocco. To extract just one liter of oil, it takes about a ton of seed’s fig. This expensive oil is the most precious natural rejuvenating remedy. It is a true beauty-enhancing elixir which slows down the ageing of the skin. Prickly pear seed oil is a very powerful anti-wrinkle and remarkable tensor. We cannot say enough about this precious and very rare "miraculous" oil.